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    category "Promotion of the academization of health care professions" for his work on the topic "Physician Assistant - Conception of an in-service course of study based on the CORE model". For his work on [...] Bernhard Elsner, Mario Heinzmann, Vera Rähmer, Daniel Völker) Changes in the cooperation between physicians and nursing staff due to the professionalization of the nursing profession (Prof. Dr. Hiltraut [...] of action of psychotherapy? (Jennifer Spiegel, Prof. Dr. Franziska Einsle) Sommer semester 2014 Physician as patient: Do general practitioners and specialists differ with regard to their illness behavior

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    3-way model according to Rolff Physician Assistants on the West Coast Vertical and horizontal integration into outpatient and primary care services Studiengang: Physician Assistant, B. Sc. , Study Center [...] Health Insurance Physicians Schleswig-Holstein, Ärztegenossenschaft Nord, Techniker Krankenkasse Landesvertretung Schleswig-Holstein, Westküstenkliniken Brunsbüttel und Heide, European Physician Assistant/Associate [...] care, especially for primary care physicians. Another task is to network the existing sectors in order to leverage synergy effects. The occupational profile of the physician assistant, integrated into a team

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    keep the quality of the treatments of the patients as well as the cooperation of the referring physicians high, the Referrer - and Follow-up Survey 2019 was conducted by the SRH University of Health in [...] thus supports the quality management of 10 SRH clinics. A total of approximately 6,500 clinics and physicians were contacted throughout Germany. Topics such as the satisfaction and preferences of various aspects [...] information requests about the clinics as well as the overall impression of the clinics among the physicians were queried. Furthermore, an additional center survey was conducted in 4 of the 10 clinics, in