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Your next career step

With a master's degree, you can deepen your knowledge from your bachelor's degree and prepare yourself for all future eventualities in your dream industry.  You can qualify yourself for more exciting career moves or managerial roles in the health and social sector or start your own business.


With us you can choose from four exciting subject areas.

Health and social care

The health and social care sector provide an exciting work environment with versatile, innovative, and rewarding career opportunities. A master's degree programs listed here, enables you to take responsibility for a healthy future and influence people’s views.


There is an overwhelming demand for innovative and well-trained professionals in nursing and medical education for healthcare professions. Only those who manage to pass on their enthusiasm and passion for health topics to others can contribute to the sustainable transfer of knowledge and competencies at a high level. In the bachelor's degree program in medical education, you have already learned basic skills. Now you can expand on these to further shape your educational future.


Numerous studies show that due to demographic change and socio-cultural development,  the need for psychologists has risen considerably as individuals face rapid progress and higher demands in everyday and professional life

In the field of psychology, we offer you various specializations that open a variety of different career paths and thus create exciting career prospects.

Therapy Sciences

Are you passionate about working with people and interested in the latest therapeutic approaches? Do you already have a bachelor's degree in the therapeutic field? Then deepen your existing knowledge together with us - at a high scientific level - and integrate your findings directly into your daily work with patients. Our master’s degree program in neurorehabilitation which has been an innovative pioneer since the beginning of 2012,  is tailored to the industry and designed by internationally sought-after scientists with a highly practical orientation.

Cooperative Study Programs

At SRH University our network of partnerships offers many opportunities for you to grow and develop professionally. The SRH University of Applied Sciences has cooperation partners who can offer you a wide range of opportunities to help you succeed.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Do you want to learn more about your dream course of study and the daily routine of studying?  Do you want to find out about not only the course content, but also the career opportunities or even talk directly to students? Then let us invite you to one of our taster events or information afternoons to get a full overview of our university.