SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit

Our University Council and our Senate

Our university council

The University Council is the supervisory body of our university and consists of members from outside the university who come from science and practice. On the one hand, it supervises our university on behalf of the university sponsor. On the other hand, it promotes the development of the university and, together with the president, ensures that the provisions of the Thuringian Higher Education Act are observed.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Beibst - Chairwoman of the University Council (Member of the Advisory Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of the HRK, Member of the Board of Directors of ZDF, Vice President of DRK Thüringen)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg Winterberg (Managing Director, SRH Higher Education GmbH)

Dr. Viola Hahn (Government Director, Thuringian Financial Administration)

Dr. Jens Schick (Member of the Board, Sana Kliniken AG)

Peter Carqueville (Managing Director, Sanitäts- und Gesundheitshaus Carqueville GmbH)

Norbert Hein (Senior Government Councillor, Jena Tax Office)

Dr. Kai Kolpatzik (Head of the Prevention Department, AOK-Bundesverband)

Andreas Schlüter (Chief Executive Officer of Knappschaft Kliniken GmbH)

Prof. Dr. Stephan Brandenburg (Managing Director of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Health Services and Welfare Care (BGW))

Dr. Tasso Enzweiler (Principal Partner of Enzweiler & Partner Partnerschaftsgesellschaft)

"The University Council is me!"
Bernwardt Müller

Our Senate

As the central university body, the Senate advises on matters of teaching, study and research that affect the entire university or are of fundamental importance. It supervises the management of the presidium of our university.

Prof. Dr. habil. Michael Tiemann (Professor of Sports Science, Physiotherapy B. Sc. program)

Prof. Dr. Katharina Wick (Professor of Applied Psychology, B.Sc. Psychology program)

Prof. Dr. habil. Claudia Wahn (Head of study program Speech Therapy, B.Sc. & Healthy Aging and Gerontology M.A., Professor of Speech Therapy Science)

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Sänger (Professor of Health Sciences, Medical Education Program, B.A. & M.A.)

Prof. Dr. Raimund Böckler (Professor of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology; B.Sc. program in Speech Therapy)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Barthel (Professor for Physiotherapy, study program Physiotherapy, B. Sc.)

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Stier (Professor for Therapy Science, study program Logopedics, B. Sc.)

Robert Leschowski (research assistant)

Regine Breneise (research assistant)

Diana Troll (Head of Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales) 

Tina Winkelströter (Head of Examination Office)

Arne Wunderlich (Student Psychology)

Maren Schneider (Student Psychology)