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As a university of applied health sciences in the SRH health and education group, we not only teach health, we also live it.

It is no secret that both physical and mental health are crucial for your professional and private success. That's why we not only teach health, we also live it, because as a health university in the SRH Health Group, we know exactly what our responsibility is. Numerous offers are available to you during your studies - from active lunch breaks and health days to expert talks, impulse lectures or interdisciplinary taster lectures. We support your study-work-life balance, so that at the end of our joint journey you will have a healthy success - because that is what we are passionate about.

Health portal

Health is our most valuable asset - and unfortunately it cannot be taken for granted. The health portal of our university is intended to inspire and support you in your personal efforts to stay healthy or even become healthy. Our health experts, i.e. your professors, provide you with first-hand tips and thus support your healthy study time at our university of health in the long term.

Feel free to click through our health portal. After all, health needs smart minds. Be one of them.

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Health Impulses

Inspired by the pandemic event in 2020, we were keen to give people something positive to take with them and also see this particular situation as an opportunity, because we always look forward positively and with passion. Since then, new university contributions are always being created that go far beyond the original idea and can help you in different life situations. From everyday structures to healthy eating to pedagogy and digitalization, we've talked to our experts.

You can find all podcasts in our YouTube playlist. Enjoy!

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Health Day

Under the auspices of our Master's program  Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie the Health Day of our SRH University of Health takes place once a year.

We cordially invite you and our employees to this event. Within the framework of the Health Day, you can learn and experience interesting things during various workshops, impulse lectures or sporting highlights, and at the same time acquire important skills. In recent years, we have covered a wide range of topics, so that you will also find something that supports you in terms of a healthy lifestyle and brings you sustainable progress.

Healthy lunch break

Every Tuesday from 12:15 to 12:45, our employees have the opportunity to participate in various courses such as yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, autogenic training and self-massage. This is initiated and organized by the Health Working Group. Here, too, the range of topics is broad and our employees can benefit extensively from the expert knowledge of our professors.

From now on free advice
From now on free advice

Psychosocial counseling for students

We are funding psychosocial counseling sessions for students on a pilot basis. Through referral or recommendation of further help offers, you will be supported in working through and overcoming possible problems - in your everyday study life or in your private environment. You will receive free counseling from Martin Heisig, who started his own private practice for mental health in Gera after completing his psychology studies at the SRH Health University.

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