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Prof. Dr. Thea Rott

Director of Studies in the Bachelor's Degree Program in Dental Hygienist, Professor of Interdisciplinary Periodontology and Prevention.

Phone: +493657734070
About me

About me

Prof. Dr. Thea Rott has been Professor of Interdisciplinary Periodontology and Prevention at the SRH University of Health Rhineland Campus since April 2020. Since December 2020, she has been working as a course director in the bachelor's degree program in Dental Hygienist.

After studying dentistry at the University of Cologne, she was a research associate and assistant dentist in the Department of Dental Preservation and Periodontology at the University Hospital of Cologne, where she later completed her doctorate in the field of regenerative periodontitis therapy.

Since 2017, Prof. Dr. Thea Rott has been a senior physician in the Department of Periodontology. In addition to patient care, she is responsible for the continuous theoretical and practical training of dental students of all study stages in periodontology.

As a certified investigator, she also designs and supervises preclinical and clinical studies. Her research focuses on periodontal regeneration, as well as the prevention of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

As a dentist specializing in periodontology, she has worked in various dental practices since 2014 in addition to her work at the University Hospital of Cologne, currently in the specialist practice for periodontology and implantology Dr. M. Bäumer, MSD (USA) in Cologne. Since 2017, she has also been an instructor of the module advanced training for dental hygienists* of the North Rhine Chamber of Dentists.

Prof. Dr. Thea Rott is a member of numerous professional and specialist associations and, in particular, has been a member of the Junior Committee of the German Society of Periodontology since 2017.



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