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Gera Social Work, B. A.

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • 6 Semesters
  • Practical study
  • 180 ECTS
  • €450/Month
  • Full time
  • without NC

Social work fascinates you? We are too! Whether you are just starting out in your career or already have professional experience in this field, our practice-oriented bachelor's degree program will inspire you.

  • German
  • summer and winter semester
SRH University of Applied Health Sciences
Your course content

What you will learn

Megatrends such as demographic change, digitization and globalization pose numerous challenges to our society and, above all, to the people who deal with the consequences on a daily basis. Even more, it can be observed that this increases the potential for social conflict. Unequal opportunities for living and a lack of education, health, employment or income are only a selection of potential impact factors.

Our Bachelor's program is therefore aimed at prospective students who are prepared to take on professional tasks in the social sector. This includes supporting people who are threatened or affected by social problems. In this sense, helping people to avoid crises in the first place or supporting them in coping with them.

The strategies of a social worker include both holistic preventive aspects and crisis-oriented intervention methods. You, as a person, and your professional development are in our focus and in the foreground of our joint work during the entire course of study, because a professional attitude is particularly important insofar as you will influence the strengthening and stabilization of families and persons in crisis situations in the future as a reference person. To this end, we provide you with extensive knowledge from various disciplines, such as psychology, anthropology, ethnology, health, cultural and media studies, law, sociology and (social) economics. The view into the related disciplines strengthens you in your professional actions, because each individual science contributes to the explanation and evaluation of physical, psychological as well as social and cultural facts.

During your studies, we prepare you optimally for this path by providing you not only with specialist knowledge that is at the cutting edge of science, but also with personal stability and the ability to reflect. Because if you want to help others, you first have to know yourself well. Accordingly, during your studies you will be able to assess yourself and your effect in the interaction with others.

In the course of your studies, we will show you how to develop an integrative understanding of your profession and how to support the lives of people affected by social problems. On the one hand, this includes topics such as helping individuals and families, working with groups and social space orientation. You will also be trained on a qualified level in the areas of livelihood security, self-help and the management of social organizations.

Your career prospects

Our innovative approach that pays off

With your degree, many paths will open up for you in the field of social work. You can work with children, young people, adults and senior citizens.

Social work with children

  • Early help
  • Children's homes/ children's villages
  • Day care centers
  • Children's recreation centers

Social work with young people

  • Counseling centers for young people
  • Youth clubs/ youth centers
  • Educational and youth homes
  • Homes for unaccompanied minor refugees
  • Youth and adult education
  • Youth detention centers and penal institutions
  • Probation services for juveniles
  • Curative and special educational institutions
  • Intercultural social work

Social work with adults and social work in old age

  • Youth, social and health services
  • Family, parenting and pregnancy conflict counseling
  • Assistance for the homeless
  • Addiction and drug help facilities
  • Debtor and private insolvency counseling
  • Facilities for people with mental and physical disabilities
  • Workshops for disabled people
  • Psychiatric facilities and clinics
  • Residential homes and meeting centers for senior citizens, disabled people and addicts (including therapeutic residential communities)
  • probation services and penal institutions
  • Adult education (e.g. adult education centers)
  • Family and district centers (e.g. community work)
  • Housing associations (neighborhood management)

In addition, your bachelor's degree offers you the opportunity to pursue a master's degree. A master's degree opens the way to a doctorate and an academic career. At our university, for example, you can start with the master's program in health and social management.


Support people

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Details about the study model and internships

In the first two semesters, you will study in your dream program of social work in the classic full-time study model and your lectures will take place regularly during the week. From the 3rd semester on, your studies will still take place in the full-time study model, but then in a block structure that is typical for our university. In concrete terms, this means that your attendance times will then take place compactly, in 6 blocks per semester and thus 4-5 attendance days per month.

Due to our flexible study model, our study program is equally interesting for those who are already working as well as for those who are still at the very beginning of their professional career. Practitioners who are already working and who have completed vocational training in a related field can shorten their studies to 2 years (4 semesters) and thus only enter the 3rd semester and remain active in practice. Career starters who are still at the very beginning of their professional career can gain experience in several internships from the 3rd semester at the latest due to the practice-integrating form of study. Thus, state recognition is granted at the end of the study program, which makes graduates even more attractive for the subsequent job market.

If you already have relevant work experience in this field, you can shorten your studies to 2 years / 4 semesters. You will then enter directly into the 3rd semester. We would be happy to check this possibility at any time on the basis of your application documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Details about the study model and internship

With us you study in a full-time study model, but in a so-called block structure. This means that the attendance time is compressed and you can continue to work in practice. This means that your studies can be ideally combined with your professional activities and your private requirements.

With us you study in a full-time study model, which is particularly suitable for already active practitioners in the social sector. If you have completed vocational training in a related field, the study program can be shortened to 2 years (4 semesters). The attendance time of the practice-integrating study model comprises 6 blocks per semester from the 3rd semester onwards and thus 4-5 attendance days per month. In the 1st and 2nd semesters, lectures take place during the week.

Your modules in the study

6 Semester 180 ECTS
1. Semester

First Semester

  • History and theory of social work

  • Method and action competences of social work I

  • Upbringing, education and socialization

  • Basics of psychology

2. Semester

Second Semester

  • Fundamentals of sociology, social policy and social economics.

  • Fundamentals of sociology, social policy and social economics.

  • Professionalization and professional ethics - I

  • Legal bases (KJHG, BGB, juvenile/criminal law)

3. Semester

Third Semester

  • Internship I

  • Self-perception and perception of others, biography work

  • Empirical methods/scientific work

  • Diversity - Diversity of Social Work

  • Methodological and action competencies of social work III: Counseling and difference-sensitive communication

4. Semester

Fourth Semester

  • Internship II

  • Methodological and action competencies of social work III: Counseling and difference-sensitive communication

  • Social problems and deviant behavior (deviance)

  • Organization, project management and public relations

  • Professionalization and professional ethics - II

5. Semester

Fifth Semester

  • Practical project related to the professional field

  • Method and action competencies of social work IV:Crisis intervention and conflict counseling

  • Social counseling - central legal areas of social work and social security

  • Mental disorders and their treatment

  • Social medicine and health sciences

6. Semester

Sixth Semester

  • Internship III

  • Leadership skills in the social economy and quality management

  • Bachelor thesis and colloquium

Different access routes

You can study social work with us if you are still at the very beginning of your professional career, but also if you already have relevant professional experience. With a completed vocational training in the social and health care sector, your study time at our university is shortened to 2 years (4 semesters). You will then enter the 3rd semester directly after passing the placement exam. Due to our attractive attendance time of 6 blocks per semester, or 4-5 attendance days per month from the 3rd semester, you can even remain active in practice. If you are still at the very beginning of your professional training, you can join the program in the 1st semester.

Win-win for employers and students

A major advantage of our practice-integrated degree program is that you can remain active in practice during your studies. At the same time, your employer also benefits from this, because they can continue to plan with you and they do not incur additional expenses because they have to fill your position or train new employees, because you remain an attractive employee. In addition, you can apply the knowledge you have acquired directly in your practice, in your professional activities, so that your employer also benefits from the latest findings and impulses from your industry. As you can see, there are many good reasons for your employer to support you and your desire to study at one of the leading health universities in Germany.

Your advantage through additional qualifications

With us, you study at the cutting edge. Together with you, we look beyond the horizon and prepare you in the best possible way for the requirements of your working environment. As a graduate of our bachelor's program, you will receive, in addition to your academic degree, state recognition as a state-recognized social worker/social pedagogue (B.A.) in accordance with the Thuringian Social Professions Recognition Act.

A study for your demands

You would like to gain further professional qualifications and have found your dream course of study in social work, but are still hesitating because you think that your studies are not compatible with your family and job? We can take away this fear. The majority of our students study part-time in one of our exciting Bachelor's and Master's programs. We, as a health university, not only teach health, we also live it and we know about our responsibility for an optimal work-life-study balance. Due to our block events once a month, it is not uncommon for families to arrive together and for toddlers to crawl across the hallways of the university or sit in the lecture together with mom and dad.

Confirmed study quality

The hallmark of the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) is the evaluation and accreditation of study programs, university control and management. ZEvA came to very good results in all areas.

The quality of our Bachelor's program in Social Work was successfully confirmed by ZEvA.

About our quality promise

Admission requirements and application

This is how easy it is to start your dream studies with us!

To ensure a smooth and stress-free start to your dream studies, we recommend that you apply online by March 10 for the upcoming summer semester and September 10 for the winter semester.

Apply now!

Access requirements

For admission to the Bachelor's program in Social Work, we require the following documents from you:

  • General university entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification or an equivalent university entrance qualification or university entrance qualification for qualified professionals according to § 70 ThürHG*.
  • Proof of German language level B2 (for international applicants)
  • Students who have completed vocational training in a profession related to their field of study (e.g. educator) have the possibility to prove up to 60 CP by successfully passing a placement exam and thus shorten the duration of their studies to four semesters. Students who are already pursuing a profession related to the subject have the possibility to prove 30 CP through the recognition of their professional activity in the context of the integrated internship periods.

*ThürHG § 70 (2) Vocationally qualified students without a university entrance qualification who have completed vocational training and have been employed full-time for at least three years are also entitled to study in a specific degree program by passing an entrance examination.

You can apply without obligation at any time via our Online-Portal. We will then review your application documents and invite you to a personal interview.

If you meet the necessary entry requirements, we look forward to receiving your application, which should include the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae in tabular form with a recent passport photo.
  • A copy of your university entrance qualification (if you do not yet have a degree, your last interim report card will suffice).
  • A copy of your identity card (front and back), for foreign students the National Identity Card.
  • Proof of your completed vocational training in a health or related profession (if you would like to have a shortening of your studies checked).

For the online application process you have to register once. This gives you the opportunity to add information and files later before you send us your documents.

Your lecturers

We help you achieve your goals

Costs and financing

Here you will find all the information you need to realize your studies.

Your financing

As a state-recognized, private university, the SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit is financed by tuition fees. These revenues are used for the equipment of our campus, the service for our students and the quality assurance. In this way, we ensure that you receive the best possible education under optimal study conditions.

Tuition fees

  • 450 € monthly (11.250 € total for 4 semesters / 16.650 € total for 6 semesters)

The monthly fee remains the same throughout the entire period of study. The one-time enrollment fee is €450.00 and is due 4 weeks before the start of studies. Except for the placement, aptitude or equivalency exam, if applicable, no separate exam fees or similar are charged, not even for repeat exams. This gives you maximum cost transparency during your studies. If you extend your studies beyond the standard period of study, fees will also be charged, since the university's offer will continue to be used. If only the final thesis of the course is still outstanding, the fees are reduced by 50%.

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