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Gera, Leverkusen Medical Nutrition Science and Nutrition Therapy

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • 4 Semesters
  • full time in block form
  • 120 ECTS
  • €550/Month
  • Job/family compatible

Nutrition has a significant influence on our well-being and health. In the Master's, we deepen our knowledge of human nutrition in small study groups and impart important skills to prepare you for a wide range of professional fields.

  • German
  • winter semester
SRH University of Applied Health Sciences
Your course content

What you will learn

The influence of our diet on health is increasingly the focus of public interest. Discover the diverse facets of medical nutritional science and therapy together with us. In our seminar groups, you will deepen your knowledge of the importance of our diet for health down to the molecular level through applied and practical project examples. You will learn how important the right diet is, e.g. B. in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer and geriatric diseases such as dementia. You will also gain insights into the causes and treatment options for eating disorders such as anorexia and binge eating disorder or orthorexia, which primarily affect young adults.

We also attach great importance to teaching important soft skills. These include communication skills, empathy and teamwork. These skills are important in order to later work interprofessionally with other specialists.

Are you ready to become a nutrition expert who helps people live healthier and happier lives? Then you are exactly right here! Be inspired by the growing importance of nutrition in science and medicine and become part of a new generation of professionals committed to preventing and treating diseases through nutrition. The topics shown above not only clearly show the increasing interest in nutrition in the scientific field, but also reflect the need for qualified nutrition experts in the population to adequately treat illnesses.

In the applied Master of Medical Nutrition Science and Nutrition Therapy, together with a great team of nutrition experts, national and international researchers, you will deepen your knowledge of complex processes in the human body as a result of malnutrition, malnutrition, undernutrition or overnutrition. Together with you, we examine and assess the influence of various nutrients and nutritional patterns on human metabolism and present evidence-based connections. We place a particular focus on thinking and acting in an interprofessional team. Together we think outside the box by actively incorporating different areas such as psychology, medicine, speech therapy, physiotherapy, etc. into your everyday study life. In practical nutritional therapy and advice, social conventions, cultural practices and customs as well as personal moral concepts play an important role in patients' decision-making processes. A sensitive approach based on a multi-perspective attitude and the reflection of social backgrounds is an essential skill in the field of activity of the applied nutritionist and therapist in order to be able to achieve long-term therapeutic success with patients. Therefore, in addition to molecular and biochemical knowledge, which is of great importance in applied medical nutritional science, we also teach you psychological concepts and communication strategies to increase patient compliance and resource activation. The critical approach to one's own social skills and the learning of these represent an important interface to other courses and professions and in methodological approaches to psychology.

Since knowledge of nutritional science and its application is constantly evolving, we train the independent acquisition and evaluation of knowledge as a core competency. To do this, we provide you with comprehensive methodological knowledge of independent further training using evidence-based sources.

During your studies, different teaching methods are used, which are characterized by the fact that you are actively encouraged to develop learning content and work on nutrition-relevant case studies in interdisciplinary teams. Through the small study groups, you have intensive contact with your lecturers, who will accompany you as mentors throughout your studies. Due to the comprehensive research focus in the master's degree, we also develop comprehensive treatment concepts together based on current research results.

Your career prospects

Our innovative approach that pays off

Once you have completed your master's degree, a wide variety of career paths are open to you thanks to your comprehensive technical and specialist knowledge. We also teach you important skills so that you can meet the dynamic level of knowledge in your future field of activity. On the other hand, you can get involved in new and innovative health professions such as the eHealth sector, personalized nutrition, the pharmaceutical and food industry, in the area of regulatory affairs or consulting as well as in health management (for example in the supervision of clinical studies).

  • Food and dietary supplement industry (product development, quality management)
  • Health centers and clinics (nutritionist, nutritionist, nutritional therapist)
  • Private practices for nutritional advice and therapy or in health centersClinical research in companies and at academic institutions (scientific staff, Project coordinator) 
  • Sports associations and rehabilitation facilities (sports nutritionist, support of athletes and rehabilitation patients according to individual nutrition plans) 
  • Digital health platforms (digital health consulting, app developer) 
  • Health policy and health insurance companies (health economist, nutrition expert) 
  • Consulting and coaching (nutrition coach, management consultant) 
  • Self-employed work as a nutritionist and therapist as an interface to other medical professions, science journalist or medical editor

It also opens up the path to a doctorate and an academic career.

Details about the study model and internship

With us you study in a full-time study model, but in a typical block form for our university. This means that the attendance times at our university are compressed and you can already work in practice during your studies. In concrete terms, this means that you complete a total of 6 blocks per semester, each with 4 to 5 attendance days at the university. These attendance days extend over one long weekend per month. The remaining time is available for the practical transfer with a practice partner or as a self-study phase.

Our goal with this innovative, practice-integrating and application-oriented study model is to enable you to combine your studies, professional activities and family very well despite full-time study. In addition, you can apply the contents of your studies directly in practice and bring your practical experience into the courses or, if necessary, reflect on it together. Your practical work can be recognized as an internship, or you can open up a new field of work within the framework of the internship or complete a research internship.

Your modules in the study

4 Semester 120 ECTS
1. Semester

First Semester

  • Advanced nutritional, anatomical and diagnostic aspects.

  • Specific biochemistry and molecular biology of nutrition

  • Pharmaceutical, pharmacological and toxicological aspects in nutritional therapy

  • Scientific writing and advanced scientific work

  • Guideline-based work in nutrition therapy practice, research and food technology / industry

  • Practical course Interprofessional work I

2. Semester

Second Semester

  • Obesity and obesity-associated diseases I

  • Obesity and obesity-associated diseases II

  • Neurodegenerative diseases and nutritional counseling in geriatric patients

  • Selected gastrointestinal and endocrinological diseases

  • Nutritional aspects in oncology

  • Internship for orientation

3. Semester

Third Semester

  • Special business aspects and digitalization in nutritional medicine and therapy

  • Introduction to clinical trial management and design

  • Basics of exercise science and health coaching

  • Dietary approaches for amateur and competitive athletes as well as special diets of different sports

  • Nutrition in rehabilitation and physiotherapy

  • Practical course Interprofessional work II

4. Semester

Fourth Semester

  • Individualized counseling psychology and health coaching

  • Master thesis with colloquium


System accredited university

Our SRH University of Health has received the quality seal "System Accredited" from the Accreditation Council. The Accreditation Council thus certifies that our university's internal quality management meets the requirements for independent accreditation of study programmes. This means that our university can independently ensure the quality of its study programmes.

Since quality is close to our hearts and we want to offer our students ideal study conditions, we have strictly examined the structures of the study programme as well as university control and management. Our Master's programme in Medical Nutrition Science and Therapy meets these high quality standards and is accredited and state-recognised accordingly.

To our quality promise

Admission requirements and application

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To ensure a smooth and stress-free start to your dream studies, we recommend that you apply online for the winter semester by September 10.

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Access requirements

You can apply without obligation at any time via our online-portal. We will then review your application documents and invite you to a personal interview.

For admission to the Master's program in Medical Nutrition Science and Nutrition Therapy, we require the following evidence from you:

  • Proof of a scientific academic degree (Bachelor) or a comparable degree in the fields of therapeutic science, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, food chemistry, food technology, pharmacology or psychology.
  • Proof of German language level B2 (for international applicants)


If you have the necessary entrance requirements, we are already looking forward to your application, which should then include the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae in tabular form with a recent passport photo
  • Proof of your first academic degree (Bachelor, Diplom or Magister)
  • A copy of your university entrance qualification
  • A copy of your identity card (front and back), for foreign students the National Identity Card.

For the online application process you have to register once. This gives you the opportunity to add information and files later before you send us your documents.

Costs and financing

Here you will find all the information you need to realize your studies.

Your financing

As a state-recognized, private university, the SRH University of Applied Health Sciences is financed by tuition fees. These revenues are used for the equipment of our campus, the service for our students and the quality assurance. In this way, we ensure that you receive the best possible education under optimal study conditions.

Tuition fees

  • 550 € / per month (total: 13.650 €) 

The monthly fee remains the same throughout the entire period of study. The one-time enrollment fee is 450.00 EUR and is due 4 weeks before the start of your studies. Except for the placement, aptitude or equivalency exam, if applicable, no separate exam fees or similar are charged, not even for repeat exams. This gives you maximum cost transparency during your studies. If you extend your studies beyond the standard period of study, fees will also be charged, as the university's offer will continue to be used. If only the final thesis of the course is still outstanding, the fees are reduced by 50%.

In addition to efficient organization, a goal-oriented course of study also requires a solid financial basis to be able to pay rent, living expenses and tuition fees. There are various financing options, such as BAföG, educational loans or scholarship programs.

We have compiled a list of all financing options for you here.

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