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Head of Study Programme

Prof. Dr. Anne Henning

Program Director Inclusive Childhood Education (0-12 years), B. A., Professor of Early Childhood Education.

Phone: +4936577340730
About me

About me

Since April 2014, Prof. Dr. Anne Henning has been Professor of Early Childhood Education at the SRH University of Health Gera Campus. She is the director of studies in the degree program "Inclusive Childhood Education (0-12)" (B.A.).

After her diploma studies in psychology (2002) at the Università degli Studi in Turin, Italy, with a focus on clinical and community psychology, Prof. Dr. Anne Henning was a research associate in the junior research group Cultural Ontogeny at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, where she successfully completed her doctoral studies (2003-2006) in the field of developmental psychology with her dissertation on early intersubjectivity and interaction in infancy. From 2006-2014, Prof. Dr. Anne Henning was a research associate at the Chair of Developmental Psychology at Saarland University, where she represented the Chair of Sport Psychology at the Institute of Sport Science from WS 2011-WS 2012.

From 2016 to 2017, she was on parental leave. Prof. Dr. Anne Henning has learned the Child-Adult Relationship Experimental Index (CARE Index, P. Crittenden) coding method for infancy and toddlerhood and completed the SAFE® mentor training in 2008.

She is also an ad hoc evaluator for: Child Development, Cognition, Cognitive Development, Developmental Psychology, Developmental Science, and more.



Research Interests:

  • Early parent-child interaction
  • social-cognitive development
  • Factors influencing the development of a Theory of Mind
  • theory of mind
  • understanding of emotions


  • e.g. German Society for Psychology and European Society for Developmental Psychology

I have contributed to these publications