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Why study in Germany? Why study at SRH?


Lerne unsere Hochschule und dein Studium kennen und erfahre, was du beachten musst, wenn du in Deutschland studieren möchtest.


Why should I choose to study in Germany?  
What are the benefits of studying abroad?  
What is Germany best known for studying? 
Why study at a private German university? 
How is life as a student in Germany? 
These are just a few of the questions we'll address in our upcoming virtual online information session. We'll cover pertinent topics related to studying and living in Germany - from cost of living, safety, language requirements (German or English), to the possibility of staying and working in Germany after completing your studies. And here's where we touch upon one of the key benefits of studying at a private university like SRH. 


  • Why Choose Germany? 
  • Choose one of 20 SRH Campuses: Which is one is right for you? 
  • Requirements and Application Process (Note on Additional Sessions) 

Meet Lingyun Feng, who moved from China to Germany at the age of 16 to pursue her studies. Today, she works as a Study Advisor at SRH and resides in Berlin with her husband. She will present with N.N., our specialist for all things truly German. N.N. is familiar with all SRH campuses and can answer questions about all cities - from Fürth to Cologne, from Hamburg to Heidelberg, and from Leipzig, Stuttgart to Dresden. 
Come and join our interactive virtual FAQ Session!