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Gera, Leverkusen, Stuttgart Medical Education, B. A.

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • 8 Semesters
  • extra-occupational
  • 180 ECTS
  • Accredited (Accreditation Council)
  • multiple locations
  • In Blockform

You would like to guide and inspire young people as they pursue a profession in the health care sector, while also sharing your enthusiasm for working with patients? Then our bachelor's degree program is the perfect fit for you.

  • German
  • summer and winter semester
SRH University of Applied Health Sciences

YOUR LEARNING CONTENT Education that inspires

Our part-time bachelor's degree program in medical education is perfect for those who wish to pass on knowledge to others as a healthcare professional in the future. To prepare you for this challenging and versatile task, we provide you with medical expertise and the latest didactic methods as well as modern pedagogical know-how. Most importantly, our program not only gives you the specialist knowledge to become an innovative and competent teacher in the healthcare sector, but also the ability to show enthusiasm.

Teaching, guiding, assessing, and advising are just a few of the important competencies that characterize teachers for healthcare professions. During your studies in medical education, you will acquire the necessary skills to plan, implement, and evaluate high-quality teaching and learning situations so you can prepare people in training and continuing education for patient-oriented work in a healthcare profession.

In your studies of medical education, we will equip you with profession-specific knowledge from psychology and educational science, as well as extended specialist knowledge from anatomy and physiology, internal medicine, and subject didactics, management, and important scientific skills. We will also demonstrate how to incorporate the latest research findings into your teaching and how to present topics in an engaging and inspiring way.

You can put your extensive knowledge to good use in many professional fields in the health or education sector, such as teaching at vocational schools for health professions or schools in the health sector. This knowledge forms the basis for successful and responsible work.

Your career prospects Our innovative approach that pays off

With our medical education degree program, you will gain comprehensive skills that you can later apply successfully in numerous professional fields - whether as a teacher in a school, a trainer in continuing education or in the field of prevention, or even as a school principal.

The qualification requirements for teachers in initial, further, and continuing education at vocational schools for health care professions or schools in the health care sector are regulated differently in the individual federal states. In general, the requirements for teachers are increasing and a university degree is required to be allowed to teach as a teacher. If necessary, the relevant ministry will inform you about the state-specific hiring requirements.

Fields of employment for our graduates:

  • Vocational schools for health care professions
  • Further and continuing education centers in the health care sector
  • Clinics / nursing facilities / practice facilities
  • Companies in the health and social care sector
  • Institutions for health promotion

For further professional development and career advancement, our School of Health offers advanced master's degree programs after earning a bachelor's degree in medical education. At our college, you can pursue the following master's degrees: Medical and Health Education (M. A.), Neurorehabilitation (M. Sc.), Health and Social Management (M. A.), and Healthy Aging and Gerontology (M. A.).

Your career prospects

Fields of application of our graduates

  • Further and continuing education institutions in the health care sector
  • Vocational schools for health care professions
  • Clinics / nursing facilities / practice facilities
  • Companies in the health and social care sector
  • Institutions for health promotion

Details about the study model and internship

You study in the part-time study model (extra-occupational), requiring you to attend a total of 5 block weekends per semester (Thursday to Monday), which allows you to combine your studies with your professional activities and your private requirements.

During the 7th semester, you may take part in a teaching internship (practical school studies) at a state-recognized health care school. If you are already working at a school during your studies, you can receive credit for the teaching internship which can shorten your studies in 7 semesters (3.5 years). You will successfully complete the teaching internship with a teaching sample. Please contact us at any time.


WORK-LIFE-STUDY-BALANCE A study for your demands

Have found your dream study course in social work and want to further qualifications, but are unsure about how to fit it in with your family and job commitments? Fear not!  Our health university offers a range of exciting bachelor's and master's programs which can be studied part time. At our university, we not only teach health, but we also live it and understand our responsibility to ensure a balance between work, life, and study for our students. We have block events once a month, so that families can attend together, and toddlers can crawl across the hallways at the university or join mom and dad in the lecture.

In addition to the excellent, very practical teaching, it was above all the study model that made it possible for me to reconcile children and studies.
Franziska Adler, Alumna

Alumni Portrait In conversation with our graduate and mother of three Franziska Adler

Certainly, it hasn't always been easy to combine family and studies. How did you cope with this challenge?

Of course, you had to set aside and take times when you devoted yourself exclusively to your studies. Of course, I also had to rely on the support of family and friends. With good time management and a healthy work ethic during attendance times, I was able to take big and small steps towards success.

To what extent was the SRH University of Health able to support you in this?

In addition to the excellent, very practical teaching, it was above all the study model that enabled me to reconcile children and studies. Due to the block weekends, there were many factors that simplified my everyday study routine. For example, it was no problem to come to the university with the children. I also found some peace and quiet in the breastfeeding room when I needed it. On the part of the lecturers, it was always possible - due to the very close and personal contact - to find a quick and uncomplicated solution to any problems that arose. They always had an open ear in this regard.

Do you think you would have successfully completed your studies without the opportunities that the SRH Health University offered you?

That is of course difficult to judge from today's perspective. Nevertheless, I believe that the part-time study model in particular, as well as certainly the full-time model in block form and the scheduling of the block weekends, were extremely practical, since it was thus possible to combine family life and the demands of the studies. In any case, I am convinced that without the opportunities it would have been very difficult to successfully complete my studies. The close proximity of the university to the Hofwiesenpark, with its playground, miniature golf course and numerous meadows for playing soccer, made it even easier for my husband to keep the children occupied during my lectures.

How would you rate the work-life balance during your studies?

Besides work, family and studies, it is of course not always easy to find time for sports or reading a book. Of course, there were stressful phases, especially during the exam period, which should not be concealed. All in all, however, I think that I was always able to find a balance between work and my studies and my private life during my time at university. This was due to the external factors set by the SRH University of Applied Health Sciences and my self-management, as well as my husband, who looked after our three children during lectures.

Your modules in the study program

8 Semester 180 ECTS
1. Semester

First Semester

  • Anatomy, Physiology

  • Scientific work

  • Occupational fields of action Health professions

  • Education

2. Semester

Second Semester

  • Anatomy, Physiology

  • Biophysics, Biochemistry, Pharmacology

  • Advise, guide, inform in nursing educational situations.

  • Fundamentals and fields of application of educational psychology

3. Semester

Third Semester

  • Internal medicine

  • Evidence Based Practice

  • Anatomy, physiology in the context of nursing specific issues.

  • Fundamentals and fields of application of educational psychology

4. Semester

Fourth Semester

  • Interdisciplinary project

  • Didactics of the health professions

  • Internal medicine in the field of nursing

  • Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

5. Semester

Fifth Semester

  • Public Health

  • Interdisciplinary project

  • Communication, Rhetoric & Methodology

  • Data management and analysis

6. Semester

Sixth Semester

  • Entrepreneurship and quality management in an educational context

  • Medical psychology

  • Didactics of the nursing professions

  • Nursing and health sciences

7. Semester

Seventh Semester

  • Practical school studies

8. Semester

Eighth semester

  • Ethics, law, data protection and future social developments

  • Bachelor thesis


Confirmed study quality

As a joint institution of the federal states, the Accreditation Council Foundation is responsible for quality assurance in study and teaching at German universities.

The Foundation Accreditation Council has given the study quality award to our bachelor's program in Medical Education.

About our quality promise

Admission requirements and application

This is how easy it is to start your dream studies with us!

To ensure a smooth and stress-free start to your dream studies, we recommend that you apply online by March 10 for the upcoming summer semester and September 10 for the winter semester.

Apply now!

Access requirements

You can apply at any time without obligation via our Online-Portal. We will then review your application documents and invite you to a personal interview.

For admission to the Bachelor's program in Medical Education, we require the following admission requirements: 

  • General university entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification or an equivalent university entrance qualification or university entrance qualification for qualified professionals according to § 70 ThürHG*.
  • Proof of German language level B2 (for international applicants)
  • Proof of completed vocational training in a specialized occupation in the health and social services sector or a comparable vocational qualification (you can view these directly afterwards)

A two-year work experience or a comparable two-year work experience as a teacher in professional practical teaching at the time of the bachelor's examination
Students have the possibility to prove up to 20 CP for the professional practical semester by recognizing teaching activities before or during their studies.

*ThürHG § 70 (2) Vocationally qualified persons without a university entrance qualification who have completed vocational training and have worked full-time for at least three years are also entitled to study in a specific degree program by passing an entrance examination.

Admission requirement specific to the course of study

  • Nursing professions (nurse, pediatric nurse, geriatric nurse)
  • Therapy professions (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, masseur, podiatrist, sports therapist, orthoptist)
  • Midwives and maternity nurses
  • Other health care professions (MTLA, MTRA/MTAR, MTAF, VMTA, MTAO/OTA, cytology assistant, physician assistant, dietician, medical and dental assistant, paramedic, emergency medical technician, dental technician, pharmaceutical sales representative, pharmaceutical technical assistant)
  • Social professions (home and family nurse, educator, youth and home educator, remedial teacher)

If you have the necessary entry requirements, we are already looking forward to your application, which should then include the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae in tabular form with a recent passport photo.
  • A copy of your university entrance qualification.
  • A copy of your identity card (front and back), for foreign students the National Identity Card.
  • Proof of your professional degree and work experience.
  • For the online application process you have to register once. This gives you the opportunity to add information and files later before you send us your documents.

Costs and financing

Here you will find all the information you need to realize your studies.

Your financing

As a state-recognized, private university, the SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit is financed by tuition fees. These revenues are used to equip our campus, to provide services for our students, and to ensure that you receive the highest quality of education, creating an optimal study environment.

Tuition Fees

Campus Gera : 450 € monthly (Total: 22.050 EUR)

Campus Stuttgart: 500 € monatlich (Gesamt: 24.450 EUR)

Campus Rheinland: 500 € monthly (Total: 24.450 EUR)

The monthly fee remains the same throughout the entire study period. The one-time enrollment fee is 450.00 EUR and is due 4 weeks before the start of the program. Except for the placement, aptitude or equivalency exam, if applicable, no separate exam fees or similar are charged, not even for repeat exams. This gives you maximum cost transparency during your studies. If you extend your studies beyond the standard period of study, fees will also be charged, as the university's offer will continue to be used. If only the final thesis of the course is still outstanding, the fees are reduced by 50%.

In addition to efficient organization, a goal-oriented course of study requires a solid financial basis to be able to pay rent, living expenses and tuition fees. Financing options are available, including educational loans, BAföG or scholarship programs.

We have compiled a list of all financing options for you here.

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